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CAKAP Values

Every step we take is decided from the heart.
By connecting our soul with the market, we elevate people to new heights.


Being proud and committed to one's own roles,
while leaving a legacy for others.

Working for legacy

To work is to leave a mark, and creating a meaning for yourself. Contributing for the greater good of one entity is a privilege; What you put in is what future generations will sought to learn. 

Being Proud of His / Her Role 

You are a part of the greater good. Love what you do! Earning your role is something not everyone can reach, so cherish it and do the best you can. 

Proactive in Actions

Why stop at one moment? Spur your mind to think about what you can do. Waiting is a long way game; success comes partly from rational impulses. 


Passionate and persevering in every situation.
Pursuing the extra mile as a firm self-learner.

Having Grit and Courage

To advance is something you shouldn't fear. Make the most out of any situation, and step forward without looking back. 

Ready for any challenge 

Steel yourself for what is coming! Don't let the future slow you down. Treat everything as a stepping stone for growth and progress.

Visionary and Looks Ahead 

Look to the oncoming moments with a calm head. 


Striving for equality and empathetic with others.
All is achieved through collaboration.

Respect other opinions 

It's not just you, it's a whole community of great people waiting to support you. They are full of excellent ideas, just waiting for you to take them in. 


Listen to your surroundings. What do you hear? What can you learn? Everything from A to Z has their own meaning to what you're looking for. 

Look for win-win solutions  

Think for the best outcome in every situation, as solutions are made to benefit people. Remember, everyone can be on the winning side. 


The mind adapts itself to solve problems.
The body readies itself for the next challenge.


To be able to fit yourself into every situation faced is an excellent quality in a man. With such mindset, there is never a mountain too high for you climb. 

Independently Growing 

While assistance is an appreciated thought, it boils down to you. By learning how to grow from inside, you can influence the outside to grow with you. 

Think outside the box  

What can you see outside your scope of view matters a lot. Ideas and creativity is gained by experiencing, feeling, and sensing those we don't know before. 


Mindful of workplace ethics and punctuality,
aiming for service excellence on the way.

Be a role model 

Results speak for itself. People are drawn to those that they aspire to be. With that in mind, be the 1% that others strive to be! 

Disciplined and punctual 

Everything starts from an orderly mind. Rules and regulations are your standards. By practicing what's written on the board, you are proving yourself to be competent in your work. 

Striving for Integrity  

A man is never complete without any moral upbringing. It dictates what kind of person you are. Honesty and good ethics is a recipe for someone that is trustworthy and respected.